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About Dependable

About Dependable from the Owners

Steve portrait

Steve Kassaras

Running a commercial kitchen is not easy. I know, I’ve been there! I owned an ice cream and grill (fresh seafood) business. This taught me valuable lessons that help me relate to the challenges my customers face. I’ve also owned and managed several General Nutrition franchises here in New Hampshire. These businesses have helped me to shape Dependable to be the high quality service oriented kitchen exhaust cleaning company.

Here are some keys to explain our services in detail:

First: customers want to be informed. Of course we claim to be the "experts" at kitchen exhaust cleaning, but how can you be sure we are if we’re not willing to share our knowledge? One of my favorite parts about this business is taking the time to explain things that can save my customers hassle, such as simple fixes that will keep them from a fire inspection violation. I truly want to take the time with you because knowledge builds trust, and I want you to be confident you’re dealing with a great company.

Second: good service comes from good employees, not just the owners. To put it another way: Are the people who come to clean your hood as friendly and knowledgeable as the person you talked with on the phone? I’ve got to instill the Dependable values into my technicians (or business family as I like to call them) because they, like me, will be on site doing the work.

Third: people want to know what to expect. Nearly all of my customers had a previous kitchen exhaust cleaning company before they called me. But switching meant they had to risk trying a company that might not be any better than before. I’ve gone through this myself with vendors so I know what kind of hassle this can be. That’s why I try to be honest and upfront about my staff (that’s them on the home page), my equipment, and what I’m about in this business. I want you to know as much as possible about Dependable before you contact me. I will be happy to spend the time with you in order to explain the differences that make Dependable great!

Rich portrait

Rich Amador Jr.

Peace of Mind

One of my personal favorite kind of people to be around are entrepreneurs. Men and women who exude an enthusiasm and a passion to provide a product or a service that is useful to society and their fellow man. Restaurateurs in my estimation seem to epitomize that entrepreneurial spirit. One has to respect a person who would take their life’s savings, put it into a restaurant and then work 24/7 to get it off the ground in such a competitive industry. Most of the small businesses in the U.S. are begun in this way, and because of this, the small businesses in America are the backbone of our economy.

Being in the corporate world for 15 years, supplying and contracting with small business men and women with that entrepreneurial passion was a key ingredient and inspiration for the starting up of my own business. For the last 10 years, my wife and I have built a small business that has kept us running all these years and 5 years ago this coming winter, the Dependable Hood family was born, as well.

The food & service industry is one of the pillars of our economy; and the small restaurants that dot our national map are started and run by men and women who are absolutely committed to their product and to their service. How can one, who aids these small mom & pop stores in their fire prevention, be any less dedicated than they are? That’s why, when Steve approached me with his idea to begin Dependable Hood, the very first thing we dedicated ourselves to, was to be the best KEC provider in the New England area. We set out, from the get-go, to have the best equipment, to seek out and employ the finest people, to learn this industry inside and out, and to try to set the industry standard in this area. We believe that we are well on our way to achieving these goals.

First of all, because of this commitment to ourselves and secondly, dedication to our customers, we have reached our 5 year goal in 3 ½ years and continue to grow at a steady pace. In some respects, the cleaning standards of this industry have been in the dark ages for many years, but we were blessed to have commenced DHD when the industry began to get out of its backward state. Codes have changed and those who enforce the codes have had to step up their pace. The Restaurateur is faced with learning to keep up with this industry or find someone who can lead the way for them. Our customers have seen our product and have learned to trust in our expertise to keep them apace with demanding town, state and national standards. What a joy it is to be able to provide this service and to have these people, that I have emulated all these years, happy and satisfied that they can run their business with peace of mind.