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Who are you?

We're a New England commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning (KEC) company, commonly known as hood and duct cleaners.

What do you do?

We don't just shine your hood means we'll get you on the right cleaning schedule, we will provide good access to your duct work, and you'll be code-compliant and ready for inspection.

Our services:

  • Hood and duct cleaning.
  • Installation of hinge kits, access panels, and rooftop grease containment.

Where do you service?

2 hour radius from Manchester, NH. We go beyond this for high volume customers.

Service Area

Why choose Dependable?

Our approach

Thorough internal grease duct cleaning, the right cleaning schedule, good access to duct work, and code compliance.


We want the people that are going to be inside your establishment to be certified, educated, experienced, and articulate. We keep our techs happy by giving them the latest equipment and plenty of inventory (now that’s an idea!). We pay an hourly wage instead of per job so they're motivated to do the job right. Concerned about accident liability? Our technicians are covered under workplace injury insurance.


Our techs come with three industrial pressure washers, lots of special nozzles, and remove grease from your complete hood and duct system. We'll help you get any problems fixed such as access to common grease traps (areas in the duct that grease concentrates, usually out of reach with the limited tools and inventory most companies provide their employees with).

Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. KJV